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Spa Balancing Chemicals


SPA Armour is fast-dissolving, totally soluble granular product that can be used as a sanitiser and an oxidiser in outdoor spas.


SPA Symmetry can be used in automatic feeders or floaters for sanitising spas. When used as directed, its slow, consistent dissolving rate provides a constant and reliable sanitiser level at all times.


SPA Purity is a unique patented blend of oxidising and clarifying agents designed to eliminate chloramines and musty odours.

Spa Shock

Is a powerful non-chlorine shock treatment and oxidiser. It is used to remove organic micro particles that cause cloudy or green water as well as body fat residues.

Perfect Balance

SPA Perfect Balance is a phosphate buffer that maintains stable pH, softens water and inhibits corrosion in spas and hot tubs.

Performance Up

SPA Performance Up raises Total Alkalinity to help prevent equipment corrosion and surface damage and helps control the pH.

Comfort Up

SPA Comfort Up raises pH to help prevent equipment corrosion, surface damage, and skin and eye irritation.


SPA Aquality slowly lowers pH and decreases Total Alkalinity to help prevent scale build-up, cloudy water and eye irritation.


SPA Shield raises calcium hardness to help prevent corrosion of equipment and etching of surfaces.

Crystal Clear

SPA Crystal Clear is specifically designed for clarifying cloudy water in spas.

Swirl Away

Swirl Away is a specially formulated cleaner for removing waste and scale build-up in spas and their plumbing.

Foam Go

SPA Foam Go eliminates foaming in spas and pools with attached spas.


 SPA Defence prevents staining and water discolouration from metals, and scale build-up from excessive calcium.


SPA Velvet is a multifunctional granular product that enhances water comfort, increases water clarity, improves the performance of other products.

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