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Stabiliser is a granular cyanuric acid that prevents chlorine loss through sunlight reducing chlorine consumption and maintenance costs on all outdoor pools.

Lo N Slo

Lo N Slo is a granular product designed to decrease pH and total alkalinity levels to pevent cloudy water, scale formation and poor chlorine efficiency. Lo N Slo is a much safer alternative to acid as it can be handled safely and will only become active when reacting with water.

Balance Pack 100

Balance Pack 100 is a soluble powder designed to raise total alkalinity levels in water and eliminates pH bounce. Maintaining correct alkalinity levels is essential in eliminating swimmer skin and eye irritations.

Balance Pack 200  

Balance Pack 200 is a soluble powder designed to raise pH levels in all pools to ensure swimmer comfort and sparkling clear water whilst slowing corrosion of equipment and metal fittings.

Balance Pack 300

Balance Pack 300 is a soluble calcium hardness increaser which prevents etching and roughness of plaster and plastic finishes due to low calcium levels, extending the life of your plastic fittings in your pool and cleaner.

Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric Acid is the most common method of lowering pH and alkalinity in swimming pools, preventing cloudy water and scale formation. Hydrochloric Acid is fast acting and relatively easy to use.

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